Mitas Antikor, s.r.o.

Mitas Antikor, s.r.o. (formerly part of Mitas Praha, established in 1934), with its headquarters in Prague, was spun off as a separate company in 1992. It has 65 employees, on an average. It is equipped with the most advanced facilities to make rubber foils and sheets, including a Roller-Head unit. The products are made under the strictest possible inspection conditions during the process, including analyses and evaluations in perfectly equipped laboratories. The output inspection respects the requirements of the applicable standards and the individual batches (rolls) are certified on the basis of TÜV (EN ISO 9001). Hence, Mitas Antikor is able to offer its customers a top quality, comparing favourably with the leading world producers.

Mitas Antikor provides its services for various industries and segments, e.g. for coal-fired power plant desulphurisation units and for municipal waste incineration plants, where the rubber coating controls the occurrence of rust in the gas scrubbers, piping systems, storage tanks for chemicals, interception tanks and tubs, and in other equipment. The rubberising process is also used in the biochemical water-purifying plants to provide protection against corrosion in reservoirs, chemical storage and batching tanks and ion exchange filters, in seawater desalting facilities (tanks, desalting chambers etc.) and in nuclear power plants (water chambers). Transport facilities (road tank trucks, rail tank cars) also have to be rubber-lined for protection against the action of chemicals.

Our rubberising systems are widely used in the chemical industry (corrosion control in tanks for the storage of chemicals, in reactors, electrolysers, separators, centrifuges, filters, interceptors, evaporators, crystallisers, absorption towers, chimneys, mixing equipment, including stirrers, fans, pumps (auger pumps, mud pumps, membrane pumps), shafts, augers, tubes and fittings.

Rubber sheets and foils are also often used for corrosion control in steel pickling plants, electroplating shops, zinc plating shops and other facilities.

In addition, we provide services to customers in the foodstuff industry and many other branches of the economy.