CGS a.s. is a holding-type company with the widest portfolio of rubber products in the Czech Republic. MITAS and RUBENA are the core companies of the group. 

MITAS a.s.
 has production plants in Prague, Zlín, Otrokovice and Serbia, in which it makes a wide range of tires of off-the-road tires. Their products include, in particular, tires for all types and sizes of construction machinery, for excavators and loaders, trucks and lorries, multipurpose machines and farm machinery. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces motorcycle tires and rubber mixtures.

RUBENA  a.s.
 has production plants in Hradec Králové and Náchod where it makes various technical rubber products. Their product range includes, among other things, rubber sleeves, wiper rings and other types of rubber sealing, bushings, rubber boots, covers, binders and other products for the automotive, construction and electro-technical industries. RUBENA also makes a varied spectrum of rubber-metal products and is very successful in the rubber-textile area, making products such flood-control walls, dam weir sheeting, sealing and lifting bags, airplane tanks, various types of bellows, connectors, membranes and compensator.