CGS Holding a.s.

ČGS HOLDING a.s. is a dynamically developing holding company with a wide portfolio of rubber products. Today the concern is structured into two divisions. The core of the tyre division is MITAS a.s., which operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in the US and maintains a global retail and distribution network. Mitas is one of the largest global manufacturers of agricultural tyres. In addition it also produces and distributes a wide range of industrial and motorcycle tyres and specializes in production of rubber mixtures. Since April 2015 bicycle tyres are produced under Mitas brand as well. This division also includes the joint-stock company IGTT, which produces moulds for the rubber industry and specializes in certification tests of tyre casings.

The technical rubber division is represented by RUBENA a.s. and SAVATECH d.o.o. Rubena operates in Hradec Králové, Náchod, Zlín and in Mexico and produces a wide range of various products from technical rubber. Rubena also manufactures a wide portfolio of rubber-metal products and excels in the field of rubber-textile products. Rubber coating for rollers, rubber mixtures and pucks are also produced by Rubena. SAVATECH d.o.o. specializes in production of rubber mixtures, conveyor belts, rubber profiles, printing technology, products for environmental protection and pressed rubber parts. SAVATECH d.o.o. manufactures most of its products in Kranj. Technical pressed rubber is produced in Ptuj in Slovenia, rollers are rubber-coated in Zagreb in Croatia and some rubber profiles are made in Jaroslavlj in Russia.

ČGS HOLDING a.s. is a progressive company with a transparent and clearly defined holding structure.The company complies with strict code of conduct including responsible behaviour towards employees, customers, business partners and the public.